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Dental Cleaning & Exams

Dental Cleaning

The dental cleaning and examination, often recognized as a dental checkup, are essential components in the preservation of oral health and general well-being. In the course of this regular procedure, our proficient dentist or dental hygienist meticulously eliminates plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth, conditions that, when neglected, could lead to cavities and gum diseases. Simultaneously, they conduct a thorough assessment of the mouth to detect signs of dental problems like tooth decay, gum inflammation, or oral cancers.

What does a Dental Cleaning & Exam Entail?

Dental Cleaning

Who needs dental cleaning?

Regular dental examinations and cleanings are vital for preserving the health of your teeth and gums. Furthermore, a healthy oral cavity can act as a protective shield against serious illnesses that may affect your overall well-being. Oral infections can potentially lead to infections in vital organs and other parts of the body.

A dental hygienist is the person who typically cleans people’s teeth. Your entire mouth is physically examined before the cleaning procedure starts. The dental hygienist examines the area around your teeth and gums with a small mirror to look for any indications of gingivitis (inflamed gums) or other potential issues.

What to expect during Dental Cleaning.

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